She Was Overweight Her Entire Life Until Doctors Discovered Something Shocking

Thursday, Feb 04, 2016

(via Guff)

It's no secret that Americans are largely overweight. We eat too much fast food, exercise too little, and quit workouts/diets far too soon. Obesity is literally a growing problem in our country.

This inspirational story will surely help motivate you to get back into the gym and achieve your dreams. It's the story of one amazing woman who was overweight through no fault of her own. This woman changed her entire life and the lives of two little boys.

The illness caused her to gain weight, regardless of her diet. She wanted to have children and took her doctor's recommendation to undergo gastric bypass surgery to increase her chances of becoming pregnant. Joanna is 31 years old and dealt with being overweight nearly her entire life due to polycystic ovarian syndrome. This just goes to show you how willpower is everything. Congrats!

She weighed 329 pounds before the procedure.

She lost 140 pounds within 10 months of her surgery.

Within three years, she fulfilled her dream and gave birth to a son. She did it again two years later.

She also had her excess skin removed.

Joanna looking fitter than ever.

This just goes to show you how willpower is everything. Congrats! Joanna doesn't look anything like she did before the surgery and her dedication to the gym. She really turned into a new person. Bravo again, Joanna!