Lose Belly Fat Fast With 5 Yoga Poses

Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Your belly is one of the most dangerous places to have extra fat. But we all know it’s also one of the most stubborn areas of your body, so getting rid of the flab sometimes seems impossible. Yoga helps burn the fat. Practice these five poses each day, and with a proper diet you will start seeing results.

1.  Cobra Pose – Targets Belly Pooch

cobra pose, yoga

-Lie down on your belly with your chin on the floor and your legs stretched behind you. -Place your palms underneath the shoulders. -Inhale slowly and straighten arms to look like a cobra. -Hold the position up to 30 seconds. -On an exhale, slowly bring you body back to the floor. -Repeat five times.

2.  Bow Pose – Targets Core


-Lie on your belly with your legs stretched together and your arms on either side of your body. -Bend knees and reach your arms to your ankles and hold. -Inhale and lift your head, bend backward, and lift your legs as high as they will go. -Hold this pose for 15-30 seconds and don’t forget to breathe. -On an exhale, slowly bring your body back to the floor. -Repeat five times, relaxing after each round.

3.  Boat Pose – Fights Fat at Waist


-Lie in supine position with your legs stretched out together and your arms facing down on either side of your body. -Inhale and lift your legs without bending the knees. -Stretch your feet and toes outward. -Raise both arms and attempt to bring your body to a 45° angle. -Hold this pose 15 seconds -Exhale and lower your body back to the floor. -Repeat five times.

4.  Plank – Most Effective

-Begin on your hands and knees with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. -Step your feet back one at a time. -Look slightly ahead of your hands to make sure your neck and spine are aligned. -Tighten abdominal muscles and hold pose for 30 seconds or more. -Drop knees to floor to release pose. -Repeat five times.

5.  Wind Relieving Pose – Improves Metabolism


-Lie in supine position with your legs stretched out and heels together, your arms are on either side of your body. -On an exhale, bend your knees to your chest and hold your legs in place with your arms. -On another exhale life your chin to your knees. -Hold pose up to 90 seconds. -Exhale slowly and release knees. -Repeat five times.

Please consult your doctor before practicing yoga. These poses may not be suitable for someone with an injury, who recently had surgery, or women who are pregnant.